Sunday, 19 June 2011

‘One is inside’ by R. D. Laing

One is inside
then outside what one has been inside
One feels empty
because there is nothing inside oneself
One tries to get inside oneself
        that inside of the outside
        that one was once inside
        once one tries to get oneself inside what
        one is outside:
        to eat and be eaten
to have the outside inside and to be
        inside the outside

But this is not enough. One is trying to get
the inside of what one is outside inside, and to
get inside the outside. But one does not get
inside the outside by getting the outside inside
although one is full inside of the inside of the outside
one is on the outside of one’s inside
and by getting inside the outside
one remains empty because
while one is on the inside
even the inside of the outside is outside
and inside oneself there is still nothing
There has never been anything else
and there never will be

R. D. Laing, Knots (Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1973), 83.

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